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Who We Are

We are an IT solutions provider located in London, UK. We specialise in the design and implementation of software systems to meet your requirements and in doing so we ensure that your investment in an IT project and your trust in us yields tangible results.

We have expertise and resources to cater for your entire IT requirements spanning across various hardware, database management systems, web based as well as desktop and mobile software solutions.

We have extensive experience in provision of software solutions across a wide range of industries including Travel, MLM (Multilevel Marketing), Banking and Stock Trading.

We cater for any size project and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you in order to discuss your bespoke requirements and how we can provide fit-for-purpose solutions to meet them.

Our Services

Web Presence: We can help you establish a web presence or provide support for your existing web site.

Back Office: We can design and implement a back office system which will meet the needs of your organisation's business model and will have seameless connectivity with your web site.

Legacy Systems: If your organisation is currently using a legacy solution, which has little or no connectivity with the Web then we can help you upgrade it by designing and implementing a bespoke interface which will act as your organisation's gateway to the internet while continuing to use the existing functionalities of the system, which are tested, tried and you are happy with.

Migration: If you want to move away from your current solution and adopt a completely new approach, which will continue to meet your organisation's current requirements, be flexible and extensible enough in order to be able to meet new or future needs of your organisation's business model while increasing efficiency and reducing running costs then we can analyse your requirements and provide you with a cost-effective alternative solution utilising various proven technologies.

Outsourcing: If you don't have an in house IT team to provide the necessary support and carry out maintenance activities or if you have one but is not cost effective to keep then we can provide that support 24/7 for all aspects of your IT infrastructure at very competitive rates. By outsourcing your IT requirements to us you will have that peace of mind associated with having a dedicated in house IT department but without the associated high overheads.

Other Services: Network Installation (corporate or residential), Private Tuition in Software Developement or other bespoke Computer Training programs.


''We have worked with Binary Gates, and Vaz in particular, for several years, and have always found them to be very professional and thorough. For any project to be successful, communication and the meeting of deadlines is essential and Binary Gates have always met our expectations in this regard.''

''We are very happy with the prompt and professional services received from Binary Gates. They are very reliable and have always provided solutions, which have perfectly met our requirements.''

''Binary Gates have always delivered as per our required specifications and more often than not, have found or suggested solutions and ideas that have improved functionality over the original specs. They have an understanding of what we want to achieve and deliver solutions to make it work. And They are always there to answer questions and fix things quickly should they go wrong.''

''We cannot thank Binary Gates enough for their support and professionalism shown when designing and creating our web site. Their attention to detail and accommodating attitude are worthy of mention, which meant the end result was exactly what we had asked for, and more. We have no hesitation in recommending them to others.''

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